Oscar Vega González

Co-founder and General Manager

With an initial training in Finance and an MBA with emphasis in marketing, Oscar Vega familiarized with the lighting industry since 1987. He had the opportunity to learn about different lighting markets in the Andean Region, Central America, Mexico, United States and Mercosur. He was President for America of one of the world's leading lighting companies until early 2009. In Global Lighting Solutions, in addition to its responsibility for the strategic direction and customer service as General Manager, Mr. Vega has direct responsibility for the areas finance and logistics.

Luis Carlos Murillo Aguiar

Co-founder and Commercial Manager

With a background in business administration with an emphasis in finance and marketing later. Started in the electricity market in 1987 and in the area of lighting in 1989. He has been in charge of markets in Central America, South America, Mexico and the United States of America. He was Marketing Manager and General Manager in one of the leading lighting companies until mid 2009. In Global Lighting Solutions has the position of Commercial Manager for the markets of Costa Rica and Central America, as well as providing support in the marketing area and the introduction of new lighting technologies through projects department GLS.

Greivin Vargas Campos

Co-founder and CEO Exports

With initial training in accounting, management, marketing and sales. He started in the area of lathing in the sales department back in 1978. Mr. Vargas was responsible for market development in Nicaragua and the Caribbean to one of the global leaders in lighting companies, as well as the introduction of lighting in South America for that company. In Global Lighting Solutions, he has responsibility as Export Manager for Nicaragua, Panama and the Caribbean markets.