COBRA series features a cast aluminum body.

Its electrical compartment makes installation and

maintenance, the assembly is protected with polyester paint,

especially for outdoor. Its socket meets the requirements of

NFPA 70 and borosilicate prismatic reflector is

impact resistant, temperature and ultraviolet rays,

Anodized aluminum reflector, specially designed

computer, provides an optimal distribution of light, according to the

NEMA standard. The COBRA series is designed specially

exterior, which has mechanisms to prevent

ingress of water, dust and insects. Their closures are steel

stainless, like screws, to prevent rusting in

opening points.

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COBRA-M-HPS-250-MT.ies COBRA-M-HPS-400-MT.ies COBRA-M-MH-250-MT.ies COBRA-M-MH-400-MT.ies