HIGH BAY The series is specially designed to be

he used at high altitudes, where high efficiency and flow required

bright. Their reflectors feature an auto

cleaning, which uses hot air convection inside

to remove contaminants that accumulate in the part

top of it. It has two system options

optical, cast aluminum, which contributes to the dissipation

heat, it is helping to extend the life of the ballast, and

acrylic striatum, which allows light output above the plane

90 degrees, giving a sense of space filling, this

œltimo is temperature resistant, ultraviolet rays and the

impacts, also has the self-cleaning system, which

reduces maintenance to a minimum.

HIGH BAY series can be supplied with bottom tray for

applications where a certain level of seal required or when

by the dirty conditions of space is recommended by the

use cover.

Files .ies
HIGH BAY-16-MH-250-MT-AL.ies HIGH BAY-16-MH-400-MT-AL.ies HIGH BAY-22-MH-250-MT-AL.ies HIGH BAY-22-MH-400-MT-AL.ies